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I found a cool Tumblr with lots of country and farm phtos


the best way to get around before roads were paved, in farm country, to deliver the mail


The Moto movie previews, I hadn't heard of them until now... they're pretty good


Brian Deegan 9 minute bio pic


there's a lot going on in this photo with vehicles, in front of a Pierce Arrow showroom... what's with those backward ladders?

Cool signage on the upper right
Steve is basically a Sherlock Holmes, and somehow can learn a lot from very little, he saw this and found that the Pierce Arrow showroom was this company: thanks Steve!

bad landings before pilots had experience made this airplane owner retrofit it with a roll cage to protect the expensive propeller... rudders were much easier to make, as they didn't need to be balanced


La Carrera Panamericana 2017


Rally of the Incas, 2016


Still more on Road Test "ringers".....

I guess the magazine writers and engineers-being gearheads at heart sometimes just want to see what potential a certain vehicle has. And the manufacturers like it-it helps sell the cars. But it does create confusion for the public. They wonder why the showroom examples can't come close to the magazine test cars or prototypes performance. Here's a few more examples. # 1. 1973 Trans-Am. Hot Rod and Car and Driver both tested an SD-455 T/A prototype. Hot Rod recorded a 13.54 1/4 mile e.t. and C/D recorded a 13.75. The 2/10ths difference may have just been track conditions, or wind, or driver technique. It was the same car-in the pictures of both magazines the licensce plate number is the same! The reason I say this car is a "ringer" is early SD455 prototypes had the Ram Air IV cam which had 308 / 320 advertised duration and .470 lift. The cars barely passed smog with this long-duration cam. Pontiac engineers thought this was too close for comfort with the EPA and for pr…

The Galpin Show

Southern California’s Galpin Motors, home to some of the world’s leading automotive brands and the world famous Galpin Auto Sports (GAS), hosted its sixth annual Galpin Car Show last Sunday, Oct. 8, which was a virtual street fair and its biggest show yet. The Galpin Car Show took over Roscoe Blvd. as thousands of people including Jay Leno came out to see almost 1,000 unique and custom show cars on display across the entire Galpin campus, creating six car shows in one.

Millions of dollars’ worth of luxury and exotic vehicles, including Ferraris, Aston Martins, Lamborghinis, Porsches and more were on display at Galpin Premier where YouTube sensation Salomondrin also hosted an autograph signing. Galpin Mazda hosted the White Rabbit Food Truck, as well as a variety of Japanese import cars including custom Miatas, Subarus and Toyotas. Galpin Volkswagen was home to a diverse collection of classic bugs, buses and custom microbuses.

GAS featured many custom and vintage vehicles, including its …

1937 Oldsmobile COE bus postal delivery


The Monster 821

Providing a sneak peek at 2018, Ducati presents the first of 5 new models for the coming season: the Monster 821. The iconic naked motorcycle from Borgo Panigale is presented in an updated version to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the original model - launched at the Cologne Show back in October 1992. The 821 inherits all the character and charm of the first Monster 900, the model that injected new life in the naked racers' segment - by successfully combining high performance, agility, and rider-friendliness.

The Monster 821 changes its shape by adopting the design and functional features introduced in the Monster 1200: a sleek, streamlined design with completely redesigned tank and tail end, inspired by the 1992 version. A new racing silencer and headlight - both classic and contemporary, are also part of the new design. For a clear, immediately readable view of all necessary information, on the mid-size Monster, a color TFT display is also making its debut - provided with sele…

Moto Girl: Leena

Model: Leena 
Motorcycle: Cleveland Ace
Jackets: Vintage
Tee Shirt: Morgan's & Phillip's Speed Shop

One-two result for Audi in California 8 Hours

Audi Sport celebrated a one-two win at the first U.S. event of the Intercontinental GT Challenge. At the California 8 Hours, Pierre Kaffer, Kelvin van der Linde and Markus Winkelhock in the Audi R8 LMS from Audi Sport Team Magnus crossed the finish line with a 2.488-second advantage in front of the sister car from Audi Sport Team Land.
“Sincere congratulations to our winners, Pierre Kaffer, Kelvin van der Linde and Markus Winkelhock. Following Audi Sport’s victory in the second race, we’ve now also won the third round of the Intercontinental GT Challenge,” said Chris Reinke, Head of Audi Sport customer racing. “With this latest triumph, we’re continuing a successful tradition on the legendary track at Laguna Seca where we’ve previously celebrated eight victories with the Audi R8 LMP sports car. Just one week after its victory in the Petit Le Mans race, our Audi R8 LMS GT sports car has won a second endurance race in North America. Additionally, we have been successful in the 24-hour ra…

On The Block: 1971 Buick GS Stage 1 convertible

By: Patrick Smith

  The Fall Auction market is warming up fast and I'm seeing some hot stuff appearing on the scene. This remarkable 1971 Buick Stage 1 convertible is a good example of what I'm talking about. Scheduled to cross the block at Mecum's Vegas venue in mid November as Lot S111, this is about as exotic a muscle car you could get from Flint that year. Only a GSX could be more unusual and those were impossibly rare for 1971. This is however, one helluva consolation prize. Check it out.

  Finished in Cortez Gold metallic with pearl white interior, the car sports the Stage 1 455 four barrel motor with air induction hood, dual exhausts and TH400 transmission. An indestructible combination for power when take care of. Then the factory went nuts. Every option possible was added to this car, and 24 just like it. They were Zone Demonstrators, built to show off the goodies as GM Zone executives drove around dea…

The Surprising Truth About Genuine Leather

By: Andrew Lynch, Founder
Jackson Wayne Leather Goods

In the automotive world, all cars are not created equal. The same is true in the leather world. Over the years, consumers have been trained to think “Genuine Leather” is the hallmark of quality, end of discussion. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

“Technically It’s Leather, But…”

“Genuine Leather” is something of a misnomer. All it really means is: “technically it’s leather but….” Genuine leather can include thin scraps of leather, embossed leather, sanded down leather, split leather, patched together leather (think: particle board), etc. Essentially, it’s a catchall term. In fact, the label can even apply to pig or goat leather. The point is, you don’t really know what you’re getting with “Genuine Leather”, which means it is usually the lowest grade of leather.

Full Grain Leather

At the other end of the spectrum is full grain leather. This is the full, natural cowhide with all its layers intact. There are 3 main la…

Friday Fun Feature: Lady Drivers

By: Patrick Smith

  For the most part, Madison Avenue was content to portray women in car ads as accessories or eye candy. The lady driver was seldom seen in an ad unless the car was a station wagon, family sedan or perhaps some kind of sports car with feminine appearance or image. Hot, powerful performance cars with women drivers were just not seen often. This is a shame because when handled adeptly it could be a devastating marketing tool, not just for lady customers either!

  No an ad that sends the message that the lady is in charge of her performance car without any input from a guy was a fairly rare ad in the 1960s. We saw this more often in the Women's Lib 1970s, but even then the message was muted by other ads showing the same old sexism. Let's start off with a neat one from Oldsmobile circa 1968. They're promoting the Olds 442 here shown as a yellow convertible with black sports stripes. A very Mod wo…

Aston Martin DB11 Volante

The most elegant of convertible Aston Martins begins a new chapter with the introduction of the eagerly-awaited DB11 Volante. Joining the DB11 Coupe, which was launched to wide acclaim last year, the new DB11 Volante sets new standards of performance, innovation, engineering, and style to create the definitive open-top Sports GT.

Powered by a new 4.0-litre twin-turbo 510PS V8 engine, the DB11 Volante is built around the all-new bonded aluminum structure first seen in the DB11 Coupe. Lighter and more rigid than the model it replaces, the DB11 Volante has been engineered to deliver a much broader envelope of abilities. Greater levels of performance and handling accentuate the more sporting side of its character, while increased refinement, comfort and interior space ensure it remains a consummate grand tourer.

This depth and breadth of ability is made possible by the Volante’s 3-stage powertrain and chassis modes. Working in perfect harmony with the 8-speed paddle-shift automatic transmis…